Ayumi Nakamura - Tokyo City Serenade

don't know how i feel about the turn this song takes at around 1:15. sometimes i'm into it sometimes i'm really really not. but at least until then it's pure bliss every time

Haruomi Hosono - Tropical Dandy

Here is something to tide you over and then hopefully then some as you wait patiently for warm and gooey volume 3, which is on the way and expected to be groundbreaking. As for this lil guy here, well... top 5 album title, top 5 album cover, and please just don't think it below you because of the ease of listening - this music has healing power.

Haruomi Hosono - Tropical Dandy [a clean 1975]

rainy saturday

Dexter Gordon and Kenny Drew supposedly appeared on screen in this 1971 Danish hardcore pornographic film, don't know in what capacity but it's very intriguing. This is the only clip from the film I've been able to find.

And here's a lovely song that features the two of them

From the damp cellars of northern france...

ATTENTION: new link should be working. mediafire is apparently not as chill as i always thought.

...warm and gooey spinoff Dark and Gooey (with any luck Warm and Sandy will be handling volume 3) presents volume 2: "to autumn"
Much of this was compiled in front of my bedroom window, looking out upon the ominous images of wet, twisted weathervanes and swirling (like the string arrangements on "theme from the persuaders" and "kawasaki") murders of crows. As a result, it ended up being a kind of soundtrack to the dark imagery of autumn. For autumn is indeed the Dark Season - perhaps the days are not so different from those of august and early september, but when night falls a sinister wind rises outside your window, the sound of water dripping onto metal invades your dreams, and the dragging bootsteps of a downtrodden wanderer (perhaps the singer of "anywhere i lay my head"?) drift up through the fog and into the night... ooooooo!

Warm and Gooey vol. 2: To Autumn [new link]

track list:
01. Intro: Fear of Blood - Bruno Nicolai
02. Main Titles - Bruno Nicolai
03. All Cats are Grey - The Cure
04. L'amour est bleu - Claudine Longet
05. Theme from the Persuaders - John Barry
06. Kawasaki - Jane Birkin
07. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin - Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
08. The Wind and the Dove - Bill Callahan
09. String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill - Neil Young
10. My Game of Loving - White Noise
11. Canzone Per Donatella - Ennio Morricone
12. I Believe in You - Talk Talk
13. Bob in Your Gait - Julianna Barwick
14. It Seems Very Strange - Bridget St. John
15. Credits: Anywhere I Lay My Head - Tom Waits

Inoyama Land

This is the first of a few Japan posts to come in the near future.

Inoyama Land is a Japanese ambient/electronic duo from the 1980s. Beautiful, swirling, sparkling analog synth mellowness. A real soundtrack to the cosmos. The whole album is fantastic and you can get it here. Big thanks to my friend Tommy for putting me on to this.

Bridget St John - The Pebble And The Man

i like to imagine bridget and mark fry having dated

John Barry - The More Things Change

Andrew Birkin: "Un soir, pour le plaisir, j'avais envie d'écouter un disque de John Barry, le premier mari de ma soeur. Serge le remarque et me lance un drôle de regard, puis il disparaît. Il a passé une partie de la nuit au sommet d'une colline à broyer du noir! C'était une crise de jalousie, je n'en croyais pas mes yeux..."


warm and gooey volume 2 on its way, hopefully will drop just as autumn does..

18 Carat Affair - Pure Gold (album)

i really regret that i'm not posting more but here is a great album which i hope makes up for that and which also may be a summer changer for some. it was for me ... came across it late one night in my room and was daydreaming about being in the mall all alone after hours, or the arcade (some of the sounds on the album come from old car racing arcade games which were probably set in 1980s miami), thinking about "pretty girls i used to know".. yes, there is a melancholy vibe to this album, which is probably why i like it so much, more than i might if it was composed of the great late-nite and retro grooves that it is, but without the emotional filling. hope you enjoy - i actually bought this one just to put on here, so you'd better!

many of the best aren't on youtube, but here's an idea

warm and gooey presents..."Leather and Lace"

so here it is...the first of hopefully many w&g compilations. if you want a physical copy (cd format), comment or send me an email with your mailing address and i'll send you one. happy august and i hope you enjoy the ride!

warm & gooey volume 1
Alternate link: warm & gooey vol. 1

track list:
01. Intro - Lee Hazlewood
02. Preghiera - Enrico Intra
03. Una Cellula - Franco Battiato
04. The Big Ship - Brian Eno
05. Emmanuelle Swims - Pierre Bachelet
06. Song for Wilde - Mark Fry
07. Love Song For The Dead Che - The United STates of America
08. Leather & Lace - Lee Hazlewood
09. Rainy Day - Susan Christie
10. Lose Me on the Way - Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions
11. L'amour et L'enfer - Paul Piot et son Grand Orchestra
12. Evelyne - Serge Gainsbourg
13. La Bambola - Ennio Morricone
14. Rethorb Ym No Hcram - Mark Fry
15. Cold Appearaance - Ollie North
16. By the Sea - Wendy & Bonnie
17. Shotgun - Arawak
18. (credits) Goodbye Emmanuelle - Serge Gainsbourg

Warm & Gooey compilation vol. 1

Ok. I know I've been failing to post in a big way these past few weeks. Trying to get back into the swing of it, but in the meantime for those who still actually check w&g (I thought there were none but I am still getting hits! thanks!) I'm gonna post a little warm & gooey compilation, hopefully the first of many, for you to download and enjoy. So keep ya eyez peeled for that!!!

Mark Fry - Dreaming with Alice (album)

Oh man. enjoy.

Mark Fry - Dreaming with Alice (1971)

Song for Wilde

Down Narrow Streets

Roses for Columbus

Vashti Bunyan

vashti forever

The Coldest Night of the Year


Rose Hip November

Come Wind Come Rain

Franco Battiato

Here we have some very beautiful and wild and crazy music out of 1970s Italy, which in addition to these three albums also produced the Alfa Romeo "Giulia", Amarcord and its soundtrack, and the original BR (the Brigate Rosse). Enjoy!

Fetus (1971)
Pollution (1972)
Clic (1974)

"Una Cellula" (from

"Anafase" (from Fetus)

"Areknames" (from Pollution)

"No U Turn" (from Clic)

bonus: what a stage presence!

wipe your Lottos on the mat

Os Mutantes - O Relógio

thanks to my friend akua who put this on a mix for me way back when

Eric Burdon & The Animals - San Francisco Nights

this one goes out to my homies in sf


Curved Air - Metamorphosis

if you are skeptical please give it until at least 2:10


spring, man. the fuckin life cycle, man. here are a few songs to go with pleasant weather, good vibes, the end of school, being young, or whatever else is makin your boat float these days. maybe a second installment to come.

ilous & decuyper - aime toi toi-même

van dyke parks - colours

lee hazlewood - easy & me. this was the only version i could find with decent audio quality, haha

player - baby come back. wooooo, this is for saturday morning when you pull up the blinds and start plannin your day out

Susan Christie

posted a song of hers a while back but the whole album rocks so here are a couple more. and a lil linkski. on the album, "echo in your mind" comes after "yesterday where's my mind" and it is like the sun coming out after a violent storm


echo in your mind

for the love of a soldier

yesterday where's my mind. this one's a trip

Susan Christie - Rainy Day

susan christie, "a dark, strange songbird"

Ennio conducts Ennio

on the first watch, esp if you know the song, this is sooo epic. on the second, it's soo goofy. why must they play it lilke such squares. the 'drop' (@ 2:00) in particular is pretty hilarious but whatever man

ennio morricone - come maddalena

Big Star - Thirteen

the backup vocals when he says rock and rol is here to stay give me chillz

Emitt Rhodes

this guy is so lovely. link and a few jams in one below. this is the only video i could find of the songs i wanted to post.

scroll down for a bonus video which kind of sucks but it's nice to see that he's still looking good at 61. someone in the comments that his mannerisms kinda remind him of jay leno which is strangely true, esp at around 4:10

download (sorry not the best quality)


my girl.

sorry for the quality

Arawak - Shotgun

Max Essa - Panorama Suite

its alllllllllll goooooooooooooooooooooood