spring, man. the fuckin life cycle, man. here are a few songs to go with pleasant weather, good vibes, the end of school, being young, or whatever else is makin your boat float these days. maybe a second installment to come.

ilous & decuyper - aime toi toi-même

van dyke parks - colours

lee hazlewood - easy & me. this was the only version i could find with decent audio quality, haha

player - baby come back. wooooo, this is for saturday morning when you pull up the blinds and start plannin your day out

Susan Christie

posted a song of hers a while back but the whole album rocks so here are a couple more. and a lil linkski. on the album, "echo in your mind" comes after "yesterday where's my mind" and it is like the sun coming out after a violent storm


echo in your mind

for the love of a soldier

yesterday where's my mind. this one's a trip

Susan Christie - Rainy Day

susan christie, "a dark, strange songbird"

Ennio conducts Ennio

on the first watch, esp if you know the song, this is sooo epic. on the second, it's soo goofy. why must they play it lilke such squares. the 'drop' (@ 2:00) in particular is pretty hilarious but whatever man

ennio morricone - come maddalena