From the damp cellars of northern france...

ATTENTION: new link should be working. mediafire is apparently not as chill as i always thought.

...warm and gooey spinoff Dark and Gooey (with any luck Warm and Sandy will be handling volume 3) presents volume 2: "to autumn"
Much of this was compiled in front of my bedroom window, looking out upon the ominous images of wet, twisted weathervanes and swirling (like the string arrangements on "theme from the persuaders" and "kawasaki") murders of crows. As a result, it ended up being a kind of soundtrack to the dark imagery of autumn. For autumn is indeed the Dark Season - perhaps the days are not so different from those of august and early september, but when night falls a sinister wind rises outside your window, the sound of water dripping onto metal invades your dreams, and the dragging bootsteps of a downtrodden wanderer (perhaps the singer of "anywhere i lay my head"?) drift up through the fog and into the night... ooooooo!

Warm and Gooey vol. 2: To Autumn [new link]

track list:
01. Intro: Fear of Blood - Bruno Nicolai
02. Main Titles - Bruno Nicolai
03. All Cats are Grey - The Cure
04. L'amour est bleu - Claudine Longet
05. Theme from the Persuaders - John Barry
06. Kawasaki - Jane Birkin
07. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin - Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
08. The Wind and the Dove - Bill Callahan
09. String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill - Neil Young
10. My Game of Loving - White Noise
11. Canzone Per Donatella - Ennio Morricone
12. I Believe in You - Talk Talk
13. Bob in Your Gait - Julianna Barwick
14. It Seems Very Strange - Bridget St. John
15. Credits: Anywhere I Lay My Head - Tom Waits