leon lowman - bumpin' on sunset

Leon Lowman (who actually made this music in the early 80s; the art shown here is from a recently released compilation of his material) lived in Rhode Island and loved to surf, paint, and play synthesizers. His music has been described as "something of an homage to the local seashore and the women he was trying to woo there."

A local news article from 2012 suggests that he currently lives in Longview, Washington, where at the local library some of his paintings were then being exhibited. According to the article, "Lowman has also recorded a new CD of smooth electronic music called 'Flow with It.'"

from the sunny lanes of the pioneer valley...

...warm and gooey presents volume 4: good times and bad times 

kind of taking it back to w&g roots with this one: folk/rock from the 60s and 70s with a warm, full, immersive sound and various production quirks, sweet melodies and, above all, good vibes. maybe summer compilations are bound to always be like this, and then during the rest of the year for whatever reason you get into more kooky stuff. but on these nights of "mellow fruitfulness" this is all i want. enjoy

perfume - glitter

these girls rock so hard. yasutaka nakata is occasionally (here for example) brilliant

Laura Mvula - Father, Father

Lee Hazlewood - Pour Man

a very slightly lesser known lee one that is just so great

Michael Rother - Karussell

as I read in The Wire, "when one listens to Michael Rother's 'Karusell' it's hard not to feel an overwhelmingly present sense of cosmic optimism."

Mireille Darc - Hélicoptère


Needless to say, it's a bit heartbreaking to compare these two live performances, which took place 20 years apart. Everything that's sad about time and aging and Billy Corgan is on full display. I was just going to post the first for that reason, but Billy's strange combination of arrogance ("you might've heard of it") and awkwardness - even just on a physical level, after however many years of performing he still doesn't really know what to do with his arms while he's giving his little introduction - and the changes in his face and body (now fully the body of a dad, a big dad too), the hint of a smile at 2:05... it's all just touching. If you don't love billy you at least have to feel a kind of sympathetic sorrow for him. So you're feeling that and then that first chord just tears open, same as ever....yea, I got a chill.

Björk - Unravel

she moves like a marionnette

Deux - Decadence

sorry, not great quality

warm and gooey presents..."i saw the outer limits"

bon voyage!!!!! see yas on the other side

track list:
01. excerpt from "meccanica" - franco battiato
02. 分裂 (split) - faye wong
03. ivo - cocteau twins
04. ∞ - gang gang dance
05. l'anamour - serge gainsbourg
06. エンジェルベイビー (angel baby) - jun togawa
07. edda - goblin
08. dodici e un quarto - il reale impero brittanico
09. cabocio - arthur verocai
10. how we were before - the zombies
11. crying at the chapel - santo & johnny
12. spaced - the smashing pumpkins
13. berceuse - ilous & decuyper
14. sad little moon - the magnetic fields
15. the stars - biff rose
16. 怒涛の恋愛 (love of surf) - jun togawa
17. belinda may - ennio morricone
18. you don't know what i know - tim maia
19. (credits) the awards - nino rota
20. (bonus) excerpt from "per un amico" - premiata forneria marconi

  warm and gooey volume 3: i saw the outer limits 

if you want a physical copy send me your address, but it might take a couple months

wg 1 & 2 are available here if anyone wants em.
warm and gooey vol. 1: leather & lace
warm and gooey vol. 2: to autumn

The Rising Storm - To L.N./Who Doesn't Know

we can only wonder who l.n. was and where she is now