Michael Rother - Karussell

as I read in The Wire, "when one listens to Michael Rother's 'Karusell' it's hard not to feel an overwhelmingly present sense of cosmic optimism."

Mireille Darc - Hélicoptère


Needless to say, it's a bit heartbreaking to compare these two live performances, which took place 20 years apart. Everything that's sad about time and aging and Billy Corgan is on full display. I was just going to post the first for that reason, but Billy's strange combination of arrogance ("you might've heard of it") and awkwardness - even just on a physical level, after however many years of performing he still doesn't really know what to do with his arms while he's giving his little introduction - and the changes in his face and body (now fully the body of a dad, a big dad too), the hint of a smile at 2:05... it's all just touching. If you don't love billy you at least have to feel a kind of sympathetic sorrow for him. So you're feeling that and then that first chord just tears open, same as ever....yea, I got a chill.

Björk - Unravel

she moves like a marionnette

Deux - Decadence

sorry, not great quality