bibio's green EP

Well, this EP came out quietly at the beginning of the year and fittingly so, cause it's a pretty quiet little collection of songs -- quiet, delicate, and unobtrusive. So quiet, delicate, and unobtrusive, in fact, that no one (myself included) seemed to pay it much attention. Maybe that's also because people are kind of tired of the Bibio sound; they feel they've already heard what he has to say, and have stopped caring when he puts out new stuff. Or maybe it's because he's not considered that relevant anymore. Or maybe it's just because, as Pitchfork decided, the album is only really a 6 out of 10. But then, Pitchfork have never been ones to buck popularity trends. It's true that Bibio isn't as cool to listen to now as he was in 2009, when Ambivalence Avenue came out and Pitchfork writers were tripping over each other to draw comparisons to J Dilla (I'm just guessing), but he's still worth listening to.

I think the best way to approach The Green EP, as with much ambient music, is attentively, patiently, and without expecting too much from it. Just put it on some afternoon and let it elevate whatever quotidian activity you happen be engaged in. It will be over a little too soon, and leave you a little more relaxed than it found you.

The Green EP 

Thanks to Tam.