WG Weekends 5

Slightly more laid back on account of the rain. Curl up with it!
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WG Weekends vol. 4

Took August off, WG Weekends returns with volume 4 today! It's a good one!

Out the dense mists of Memory Land...

For those interested.........

This is what I wrote a few weeks back while listening to what I then thought was the final draft of Volume 6:

Warm and Gooey listeners are by now well familiar with the 70s analog goo sound that has defined past compilations (particularly volumes 1 and 4). As great as that still is --and this one is not without it entirely -- it felt like it was maybe time to explore other kinds of goo, like the kinds that came later in the 70s and early 80s with changes in technology, recording techniques...

Well, that didn't end up happening. 90% of the music here is still from the 70s. What can I say? It felt like a betrayal to feature all these spiffily-produced, synthesizer heavy songs, it felt like someone who goes to college and tries to invent an entirely new identity for themselves. So I hope you aren't too sick of this aesthetic by now, that you can still enjoy that saturated 70s studio sound. And there are a couple exceptions...

For those who tire of all this muddiness, I believe there will be something for you on volume 7 (due early 2016). In the meantime, I'll be shaking my house with "American Sunset" ;)

in memory land
past compilations

track listing:

01. r. stevie moore - explanation of listener
02. daniel mathieu - c'était un beau dimanche
03. erasmo carlos - largo da 2ª feira
04. neil young - birds (alternate version)
05. ike mathews - so quiet
06. the roches - big nuthin
07. warren zevon - accidentally like a martyr
08. jack adkins - american sunset
09. emmanuelle parrenin - l'écharpe de soie
10. steve kuhn - time to go
11. serge gainsbourg - je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais
12. nazz - hello it's me
13. kevin ayers - lullaby
14. tom waits - san diego serenade
15. van dyke parks - dreaming of paris
16. iggy pop - la vie en rose

manuel göttsching - e2-e4 (pt. 1)

Manuel Göttsching from 1984. I heard two things about this: one, in the youtube comments, is that he made it so he could have something to listen to on planes (walkman?), and two, that Larry Levan used to play it at the end of the night at Paradise Garage.

john beltran - anticipation


erasmo carlos - largo da 2a feira

Longer post to come on this MPB masterpiece..here's just a taste..

Warm and Gooey presents...WG Weekends, vol. 2!

Happy weekend folks.
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anamaria e mauricio - vol. 2

As far as I can figure...

Anamaria and Mauricio were a couple of young vocal performers who had some gigs around Sao Paolo in the late 60s. One day in 1969 a record producer sees them in a club and signs them to record an album. That's 1970's No no no...Estamos Na Nossa (translated by google as "no no no...we are on our"), which is very pleasant with some nice Marcos Valle compositions but doesn't do much to distinguish itself from other pop of the era.

A & M's first album
Two years later they release Vol. 2, featuring arrangements from Arthur Verocai and Hermeto Pascoal, a Lô Borges cover ("O Trem Azul"), and, on the whole, a more mature and experimental sound. It's hard to know what to attribute the jump from Estamos Na Nossa to Vol. 2 to -- probably their new and more out-there collaborators, a fantastic backing band in the Jongo Trio, and the fact that it wasn't the 60s any more all played a role. Whatever the formula, the result is one of the loveliest,  most undeservedly obscure Brazilian albums of this era, and a reminder of why the best Brazilian music just can't be beat.

Hermeto Pascoal

Witness the sweetness of "Podes Crer;" the slow build of "O Galho da Roseira;" and the anthem, the song of the summer "Mandato"... there isn't a filler track to be found (though the last minute of "Loucura Pouca E Bobagem" is fairly excruciating, and I could do without the Psycho strings at the end of "O Galho").

Unfortunately Anamaria and Mauricio never made another album (one of them seems to have died in a car crash, it's not clear which) and we are left with these precious few songs to listen to over and over. They're almost, almost enough.


michael white - the blessing song

lord come into
our hearts with thy blessing
lord come into
our hearts with your love

Warm and Gooey presents...WG Weekends, vol. 1

Today I joyfully introduce a new series, "WG Weekends." It's no government secret that these past couple years I have been posting more "fun" "dance" or "weekend" music (where before I listened exclusively to "boring" "quiet" music ;) ) Rather than have this stuff take over the blog entirely, as it has been threatening to do, I thought it would be nice to give it its own little outlet...hence WG Weekends! If Warm & Gooey was a venue (how sweet would that be..), think of WG Weekends as being a kind of monthly residency. I'm hoping to post a shortish (around 1 hour) mix the first Friday of every month. Then it is there waiting to accompany your weekend fun. For me, it would be the kind of thing you put on on Friday or Saturday after a nice dinner with some friends, when the group starts to become a little more energetic and fun oriented, but before you leave the house and go out into the world. Enjoy!!

Download here.

WG Weekends vol. 1 by Warmngooey on Mixcloud

brief encounter - just for your love


more from this group to come on here.

this mortal coil - late night

from Blood (1991), a remarkable album.


When I woke up today and you weren't there to play
Then I wanted to be with you
When you showed me your eyes, whispered love at the skies
Then I wanted to stay with you

Inside me I feel, alone and unreal
And the way you kiss will always be
A very special thing to me

When I lay still at night seeing stars high and light
Then I wanted to be with you
When the rooftops shone dark, all alone saw a spark
Spark of love just to stay with you

Inside me I feel, alone and unreal
And the way you kiss will always be
A very special thing to me

If I mention your name, turn around on a chain
Then the sky opens up for you
When we grew very tall, when I saw you so small
Then I wanted to stay with you

Inside me I feel, alone and unreal
And the way you kiss will always be
A very special thing to me

Inside me I feel, alone and unreal
And the way you kiss will always be
A very special thing to me