Warm and Gooey presents...WG Weekends, vol. 1

Today I joyfully introduce a new series, "WG Weekends." It's no government secret that these past couple years I have been posting more "fun" "dance" or "weekend" music (where before I listened exclusively to "boring" "quiet" music ;) ) Rather than have this stuff take over the blog entirely, as it has been threatening to do, I thought it would be nice to give it its own little outlet...hence WG Weekends! If Warm & Gooey was a venue (how sweet would that be..), think of WG Weekends as being a kind of monthly residency. I'm hoping to post a shortish (around 1 hour) mix the first Friday of every month. Then it is there waiting to accompany your weekend fun. For me, it would be the kind of thing you put on on Friday or Saturday after a nice dinner with some friends, when the group starts to become a little more energetic and fun oriented, but before you leave the house and go out into the world. Enjoy!!

Download here.

WG Weekends vol. 1 by Warmngooey on Mixcloud